We all know that having a healthy body is one of the essential aspects of our lives. So, we care, maintain, and desire the ideal “healthy body” of our by doing training, exercise, eating healthy food, and others.

Of course, all of this seems very good for everyone but we cannot set aside the fact that there are lots of challenges we may encounter during the process of attaining our “desired fitness” such as out of focus, and unproductivity during workouts.

According to Phil Hawksworth, a gym-goer and a vlogger, he has been using Modafinil for quite some time for his muscle training. He also stated that this such medical drug is not only limited to strength and endurance exercises rather applicable also to any form of exercise. This drug has been his main tool to have better execution and workout.  Thus, perhaps we will talk about it while accompanying Modafinil as a primary tool for effective and impactful results.

Why use modafinil?

There have been empirical results and observations took place proving that Modafinil is effective as it was told. 

Since it is a stimulant, when taken it sends signals to our brain making us:

  1. Goal-driven (you’ll tend to think of just having better result instead of anything else)
  2. Effortlessly doing workouts
  3. Acutely aware of what you are doing avoiding extra movements that makes us quite tired and unproductive
  4. Longer-lasting – Modafinil will give you a long-lasting energy that could sustain your training throughout

Aforementioned above, those 4are all relevant things we need to have during every workout in the gym or even at home. 

Downside of the drugs while using it as a workout tool?

Aside from having plenty of positive effects, there are still light negative impacts it could bring which we should be aware of. These problems are as follows:

(Take note that effects may not always be applicable for everyone because each of our body has a different tolerance and or reaction level due to anatomical composition differences)

  1. Dehydration 
  2. Difficulty in the recovery of muscles from stress (applies when you do not have enough nourishment or nutrients from food)

Important consideration

You are obliged to always monitor and feel the effects and responses of the body from Modafinil so that you could determine whether you’re gaining positive effects or the opposite.

But, it is worth knowing that this drug is perhaps safe and will bring you positive effects that the unwanted ones.

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