Firstly, it is important to know what depression is. To explain it briefly, it is a common but serious illness of a person that that has something to do with unpredictable mental change, to be specific, in how to act, feel, and, think. This has several stages and severity, but, each and every stage must be taken seriously. But, how does Modafinil help with this serious topic? Stay tuned and read this article for relevant and helpful ideas. Mainly, we will talk about the use of the drug specifically on how it will reinforce learning.

Cognitive problems of an individual in depression

Most commonly, other people always think of depression as unpleasant feelings, mood swings, and loss of appetite. But, we have to acknowledge and look at it from a deeper perspective. Depression is more of a cognitive problem such as having difficulties in memory, decision-making, and concentration problems. These cognitive problems are such a very big deal and must pay attention to.

Furthermore, this problem is technically not responsive and does not react well with antidepressant treatments to meet clinical needs.

Reinforcing learning by Modafinil

Since Modafinil has been largely known for its cognitive effects and influences. We say that this has essential benefits for such conditions and other neuropsychiatric conditions. One of the challenges that are evident in depression is that someone could have a reward-based imparity condition. This makes them less of a productive-person in terms of gaining knowledge and focusing.

An individual’s best decision making is always crucial for maintaining his/her active lifestyle. So Modafinil will critically modulate norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain circuits that are implicated in cognitive functions. According to Dr. Muzaffer Kaser of the University of Cambridge, there was a study that proved Modafinil has a better effect on a person compared to other reinforcing drugs. He stated that a certain number of participants who have undergone the influence of Modafinil were more active in terms of exploration after a loss thus participants were proven to be “reinforced” and had a greater performance after all challenging trials. Thus this will help in reinforcing learning.

So what can we expect from this drug?

Looking at the thought that Modafinil penetrates the human brain and alters cognitive functioning, we can say that this could be reliable and a better reinforcing agent to learn. Anyone who will take this may tend to develop the sense of greatness-seeking, to simply tell, after all, drawbacks and downfall people encounter, they will eventually find better ways to learn what should it supposed to be.

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