Heeding the Call

We've got to slow down physically so we can rev up spiritually and move more swiftly in making needed changes in our world. We are being prepared for a better life and the highest and most creative work of our time. This is so exciting!

Life is change, and a beautiful new way of living is on the way—one in which we all are loved and cared for. Don't you feel you too are at a crossroads? Any pain or confusion you may be feeling is simply a call from the Holy Spirit to stop diminishing yourself and draw nearer to God in you so you will take the best care of yourself and have the will and courage needed to help others.

Here's how to create balance and peace in your life: Slow your breath, your pace, delete every negative, fear-filled thought as it crops up. Fire that punishing inner critic and any negaholics in your life. Remember that you are more than is evident; and you have the power within you and all around you to do God's work on this good earth. You were born for this hour. Spirit doesn’t give you an assignment without also giving you the tools needed to fulfill it.

Your life is your message. Listen to it. Worry solves nothing and makes you depressed and ill. As you discover and learn to trust God in you, you see and honor the Holy Spirit in the people around you. You feel at home in the universe and function beautifully in every area of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remove all judgment and fear from your heart. The changes we want for ourselves, our family and community will begin within us. Our challenge in this hour, this moment is to let love—not fear—rule us.

We are so blessed to be alive at this time when the most difficult overcoming has been done by our foreparents. Yes, there are hardships and issues—personal and collective ones—that we face in the everyday of our lives. But I'm so grateful to be on this leg of the journey, when we are so privileged, and benefiting from the work that was done for us. Thank and bless the ancestors for withstanding suffering more grave than we shall ever know, and then consider: What must I do to take better care of myself and amplify the gifts God and the ancestors have given to me? After 37 years at Essence, I decided to leave the company so I could simplify my days, focus my gifts and talents in one area and do what at this juncture in my life has become a larger work for me—building the National CARES Mentoring Movement, which I founded as Essence Cares. Today, this is my deepest passion.

With mentoring I see light shining at the end of a long, dark tunnel so many of our young in crisis are crawling through. And that light is you and me. We are their only hope. We are the solution. I know that by devoting my time and energy to working with the growing number of community leaders throughout the nation who are organizing local CARES Mentor-Recruitment Circles our movement will save and transform lives. We will do what politics and public policy have not done: give our children in peril a chance to develop the extraordinary in themselves. We who are able owe this to our beloved children and community.

We honor God and our ancestors by heeding the most urgent call to help the most vulnerable among us—our underserved children. Linking arms and aims, we will secure our young in peril. We will write a new history. But the clarity, compassion and peace we seek in our communities have to live in us first. All we need we already have: It's love! The love that created us is within us. It is us.

Train yourself to think loving thoughts, speak loving words and demonstrate love in your every action—beginning with how you treat yourself moment to moment each day of your life. Through training the senses, we can master our negative emotions and stop allowing them to make us their plaything.

Patience is one of the most valuable allies on our journey to transformation. As you push away limiting thoughts and embrace empowering ones, you create the space needed to care for your body and soul. This brings peace and balance to your life and gradually expands your desire and capacity to open your compassionate heart to others. This is all God is calling us to do: to love ourselves and one another more. Love is our way out of fear, sadness, anxiety, illness, poverty, war. Love is Allness. Love is another word for God and the mightiest force in the universe. No obstacle can withstand it. When you open your mind and heart to love, you accept God's limitlessness. Your life is renewed. Everything unlike God falls away from you. No weapon formed against you can prosper. You become a conduit of God's miracles.

Our drama and suffering are but one thing—a wake-up call. A call to get it right! To heal ourselves so that we will heal our children, communities, country and our beautiful world. This is what God is calling us to do. Are you listening?

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