Our Mission, Our Mandate

We are here, with your help, to mobilize massive numbers of able African Americans to take the lead in fulfilling our society's spiritual and social responsibility to our children. Together we can end the state of emergency among our underserved youngsters; we can inspire adult volunteers to work together to protect and open wide the way to hope and high achievement for the next generation of leaders: We can do this by connecting caring adults to existing community-based organizations, where they can serve as role models, dedicated to helping vulnerable young people transform and secure their lives.

Ultimately, our mission is to obliterate these chilling facts:
  • Of all Black fourth-graders in the nation, 58% are functionally illiterate.
  • In some cities, 80% of our boys drop out before finishing high school.
  • Every day 1,000 Black children are arrested.
  • Nearly 7% of Black babies are born to girls under the age of 18.
  • 1 in every 8 African American males ages 25-29 is incarcerated.
  • The number one cause of death for our boys is homicide.
We will achieve our mission by:
  • Promoting mentoring as a means of combating the perils impacting the lives our of our young people;
  • Inspiring local faith, business, union and community leaders to become passionately engaged in recruiting the able adults in their arenas to become mentors;
  • Filling the ranks of local mentoring and youth-support organizations with caring men and women;
  • Being the catalyst that brings together local youth-serving organizations and dedicated volunteers who are willing and able to mentor the next generation;
  • Encouraging group mentoring and driving volunteers to the challenged schools, public-housing projects and to detention facilities where CARES Mentor-Recruitment Circles are piloting innovative, holistic support programs that transform lives;
  • Speaking life and hope into the hearts of our young. Communicating to them by our actions that the adults in the community love and value them, will listen to them and help them to succeed in life.
Our objectives are to:
  • Increase the literacy rate among our young and encourage a passion for learning and high achievement;
  • Increase high school graduation rates among Black students by 10 percent annually;
  • Help youngsters enroll in two- and four-year colleges and vocational-training programs;
  • End the cycles of academic and spiritual disengagement, violence and incarceration, which are killing our children and crippling our communities and country.

Did you know?

NCMM encourages faith-based, civic, professional and community organizations with mentoring programs serving our young people to register their programs with MENTOR's National Mentoring Database.

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