Thank you so much for visiting our site. Your presence here says that you understand what is most needed at this time in history—caring, committed people who know that we are in a race between compassion and catastrophe. And at the finish line lies the fate of the fathers and mothers of our tomorrows. 

The National CARES Mentoring Movement has one purpose: to end the state of emergency in Black America by connecting you and other caring adults in your network to the mentoring opportunities presently in your community. We are launching the largest mentor-recruitment effort in the nation to fill the pipelines of the thousands of organizations that are already serving disproportionate numbers of Black children who are desperately waiting for mentors. Our caring White sisters and Brothers are more fully engaged in mentoring Black children than able Black adults are. Now we must step up.

With your commitment, we will change the fate of the millions of young African Americans in peril. Please make the decision today to become a mentor. You may even want to step into the vanguard of the leadership and join or form a CARES Mentor-Recruitment Circle in your community. Several visionary leaders, utilizing the group-mentoring model, are piloting exciting, holistic programs that will transform lives in public housing projects, failing schools, and among the many young people who’ve dropped out of school or are transitioning out of incarceration and so want to get their lives on course.

National CARES is a bold and innovative movement working to fill the volunteer pipelines of mentoring organizations and programs dedicated to lifting to higher ground the growing numbers of Black youngsters falling into peril. Every study available tells us that mentoring gives even the most challenged youngsters the vision and encouragement needed to lead productive and self-sustaining lives.

National CARES is not a mentoring organization, nor does it duplicate the efforts of other initiatives. Rather, it serves as a resource, linking caring adults to mentoring opportunities right in their communities. On a national level, NCMM consists of partner organizations such as the National Urban League, the 100 Black Men of America, Children's Defense Fund, the YWCA, the United Negro College Fund, the NAACP, major African American faith communities, fraternities, sororities and a host of other renowned organizations whose labor and reputations bear tremendous influence on public policy and programs that affect young people.

Underserved Black children are among the most vulnerable people in the U.S. So many of our young have fallen into peril and are in dream-crushing pain. The goal of National CARES is to recruit dedicated men and women who will commit at least an hour a week for a year to guide and encourage challenged youngsters in one-to-one, or group mentoring relationships—where several adults spend time with a larger number of children. “Mentoring is speaking life and hope into young hearts and minds,” says National CARES founder, Susan L. Taylor. “It is reminding youngsters to not believe the hype. They are not failures, bad people or in any way inadequate, but have been trapped in failing schools, bad neighborhoods and inadequate housing. Mentoring means inspiring our children,” says Susan. “It’s reminding them that to feel strong and assured, they must stay focused on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that’s within, guarding and guiding them. It’s encouraging youngsters to love and value themselves and education and to believe that they are innately brilliant and capable of high achievement. We all need to remember,” she says, “that we have the inner resources to overcome each and every challenge life sends our way and that we expand our faith and capacity as we step up to meet those challenges.”

With the passion, energy and commitment of legions of dedicated souls like you, we can help millions of youngsters recover and live healthy, happy, productive lives while nourishing our own lives as well. Contribute in the way that works for you: Mentor a child; join with others and mentor as a group; join or form a CARES Mentor-Recruitment Circle; make a donation. Please do something to help. Sign on and make a commitment today.

Did you know?

Benefits for mentees include increased levels of self-esteem, self confidence and self-discipline.

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